Testimonials From Some of Our Patients

Vasectomy Reversal Baby

"Dr. Russell, Our baby girl finally arrived in February.  She is healthy and continues to thrive.  She is truly a blessing and I can’t thank you enough for making this possible.  She is a joy and is keeping us busy (around the clock!).  You will always be fondly remembered with assisting us with bringing our bundle of joy into this world.  We are truly blessed. Thank you."

Vasectomy Reversal Baby

"Dr. Russell, We just received our (post-reversal) test results and, ironically, just a short time later we found out that I am pregnant!  The experience was actually quicker than I expected.  Of course it’s still early.  I go for my 6-week prenatal visit next week, but I thought I’d share the good news with you. Thanks for everything."

Vasectomy Reversal Baby #27

"Dr. Russell, Just a quick note to share the awesome news!  You performed my reversal in April and just this week my wife and I saw our baby’s heartbeat for the first time.  Arrival is anticipated at the end of May.  Thank you for dedicating your practice to helping couples like us realize our dreams."



Vasectomy Reversal Baby #28

"Dr. Russell, My wife and I both thank you very much.  She saw her doctor to confirm her 2 pregnancy test sticks, and he confirms too that she is pregnant.  She is 4 weeks along right now.  We will certainly send pictures your way.  Again, thank you to both you and your staff."

Vasectomy Reversal Baby

"Dr. Russell, We just wanted to take a minute to thank you once again for helping our family grow!  We were able to have our second child in September.  We will always be forever grateful to you for helping us have a family!  Thank you again."

Vasectomy Reversal Baby

"Hi Dr. Russell, Not sure if you remember us but knowing how much you care for your patients, I’m sure you do.  My husband had a vasectomy reversal with you last June and we would like to take the opportunity to thank you.  Exactly 6 months post-op I fell pregnant!  We never believed we would be lucky enough to have it work so soon.  In August we welcomed our beautiful baby girl.  She is absolutely our miracle baby and the love of our life!  Without your help we wouldn’t be home with this precious gift.  Thank you for everything!"

Vasectomy Reversal Baby #31

"Dear Dr. Russell, We have added another healthy baby boy to our family- he was born 14 months after our first reversal baby.  We are again so thankful that we had no problems conceiving a second time.  Thank you for playing such an important role in making our dreams for a family come true."

Vasectomy Reversal Baby #33

"Dr. Russell, In 2013 I contacted you, which turned out to be one of the greatest decisions I’ve made in my life.  Because of you, my son was born in June of 2014.  Today he is a happy and health 2 ½ year old.  In those 2 ½ years, he’s managed to bring an incredible amount of happiness and joy to myself, my wife, and his sister on a daily basis and has drastically shaped the person I’ve become.  The attached collage shows 3 pictures of him, each taken in the Fall of 2014, 2015, and 2016 respectively (approximately 3 months, 15 months, and 27 months old).  I’m more thankful for what you have done than I could ever attempt to put into words.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Vasectomy Reversal Baby #34

"Dr. Russell, I have great news…my wife is pregnant!  Thank you so much for making this possible.  Your surgical skills speak for themselves, but it’s not often you meet a doctor that is so involve with the pre and post-surgery counseling and information as you are.  You have always responded to my questions and concerns immediately, and I truly appreciate that.  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts."

Vasectomy Reversal Baby #38

"Dr. Russell, Last December you performed a vasectomy reversal for me.  It was a success and my girlfriend and I left your surgery center hopeful.  A picture of the results of your work is attached.  My wife and I welcomed twins (conceived naturally) to the world last Monday.  Our daughters both weighed 5lbs 14oz.  We are already home and doing great so we wanted to say a big big thank you to you and your staff.  You made all of our wishes come true."

Vasectomy Reversal Ohio #48.png

“Dr. Russell, Thank you all so much for the excellent work that you do. My wife and I are excited to announce the birth of our baby girl.  You performed my procedure in November and five short months later we were medically confirmed pregnant. I have to say, you and your entire staff exceeded our expectations by far. From the initial consultation through post procedure and now. I've done my share of homework on doctors and facilities across the country before deciding who and where my procedure will be done by. After your consultation, we felt most confident we would have a successful outcome. Thank you again, Dr. Russell and the whole Staff for your outstanding service and expertise.”

Vasectomy Reversal Baby #49

“Dr. Russell, I came to you in mid February seeking a reversal surgery from a vasectomy seven years prior. I want to thank you dearly for your services. Yesterday my girlfriend gave birth to our beautiful baby girl. You truly do provide miracles with the service you provide. We can't thank you enough.  My daughter was born in January.  She weighed 6 lbs 13 Oz and is 19 1/2 inches long. Both mom and baby are doing great. Thank you again.”

Vasectomy Reversal Baby #21

"Dr. Russell, My husband had his vasectomy reversal with you, and I remember you saying to let you know when we had a baby.  Looks like your work was a success!  We are so happy to report and a share a picture of our new addition!  Thank you."

Vasectomy Reversal Baby #20

"Dr. Russell, My wife and I thank you so much for our blessings. We now have two boys since the vasectomy reversal."  

Vasectomy Reversal Baby #22

"Dr. Russell, Thank you for everything- we couldn’t be happier!  Now my husband now needs another vasectomy!"

Pennsylvania Vasectomy Reversal Baby

"Our experience with Dr. Russell was top notch. His calm, professional demeanor instantly put my wife and me at ease with the procedure. After it was over, I had almost no soreness and I healed very quickly. About 6 weeks after I had the "all clear" from Dr. Russell, my wife was pregnant with the happy little guy in the photo and we are currently expecting again and due in May. Thanks for the great work Doc!  We couldn't imagine life without our son and are so excited that he will soon be a big brother :)"

Vasectomy Reversal Baby #25

"Dr. Russell, My son was born this past September.  Everyone was really nice and helpful- best care I’ve ever had.  Thank you."

Vasectomy Reversal Baby #26

"Dr. Russell- We just wanted to let you know that we are 13 weeks and 2 days pregnant J!  Due date is in March.  Thank you again!"

Vasectomy Reversal Baby #35

"Hi Dr. Russell, You helped us in August, and our son was born the next July.  We truly cannot imagine our family without him, and feel so complete now.  Thank you to everyone on your staff that helped to make our miracle happen."

Vasectomy Reversal Baby #36

"Dr. Russell, While sitting here nursing our sweet, perfect, 6 month old baby, I realized that we forgot to tell you about him!  He was born in January, weighing a healthy 7 lbs even though he was 2 weeks early.  Thank you so much for your care throughout this process." 

Vasectomy Reversal Baby #37

"Dr. Russell, I don’t need any more follow-up appointments.  My wife is 4 weeks pregnant!" 

Vasectomy Reversal Baby #39

"Dr. Russell, You have our sincerest thanks for be a part of our family’s journey.  We love our children and appreciate that your expertise made their lives possible."

Vasectomy Reversal Baby #40

"Dr. Russell, It was a success!!! My husband and I welcomed our new addition in January.  Add another to the successful procedures count!"

Vasectomy Reversal Baby #41

"Dr. Russell, Just wanted to say thank you.  Without your help this wouldn’t have been possible.  We welcomed our daughter into the world yesterday.  She is 7lbs 11oz and 21 inches.  We appreciate all of your help with the reversal last August.  Thank you."

Vasectomy Reversal Baby #42

"Dr. Russell, You did a reversal for me in January.  I could say a lot of things- but, to make a long story a lot shorter, I’ll get right to the punchline.  We conceived on the very first time we tried post-surgery.  That’s 35 days from the reversal.  Our baby was born, full term, last week- beautiful and healthy.  Wanted to let you know it worked!"

Vasectomy Reversal Baby #43

"Dr. Russell, My wife and I wanted to wish you, your staff, and your families a Merry Christmas!  We would also like to thank you for helping our family celebrate the best Christmas ever! God bless."

Vasectomy Reversal #44

"Hello Dr. Russell, Not sure if you got the message from my doctor a couple of months ago, but apparently your surgery worked better than the first one my husband had done!  I am now about 14.5 weeks pregnant, and we already know it’s a boy from a private ultrasound earlier this week.  I got pregnant at the end of August, about seven months after his vas-reversal surgery, and only a couple of months after his semen analysis finally showed sperm had returned.  Hopefully everything continues to go well- the baby is due at the end of May.  Thanks again!"

Vasectomy Reversal Baby #45

"Hi Dr. Russell, It’s been awhile.  I just wanted to tell you again how thankful I am for you!  I gave birth to my baby girl in October.  You did a vasectomy reversal on my husband in September.  Our daughter was born at 35 weeks weighing 45 pounds and 6 ounces.  I couldn’t be more blessed and you made this all possible!  Thank you so much for making my dream of being a mother possible."

Vasectomy Reversal Baby #46

"Dear Dr. Russell, So many thanks to you!  We are having a baby, and after only 2 months of trying after the procedure!  Wait, no basically trying the first month pretty much because of recovery time.  Ha!  Oh my gosh, just amazing. We are so excited and happy- thank you so very much!"

Some Other Comments from our Patients


“Dr. Russell, Thank you again for your amazing work!  I firmly believe we wouldn't have our little miracle if it weren't for your attention to detail. We are forever grateful!"


“Dr. Russell, From the initial consultation to the reversal procedure and recovery, I was genuinely impressed with the professionalism and efficiency of the entire process.  You took the time to answer all my questions and keep me well informed.  We are very excited to welcome the new addition to our family this coming June.  Thank you very much for all your help, and I would gladly recommend your practice to others in the future.”


“Dr. Russell, my husband had his vasectomy reversed by you in December (5 years post vasectomy).  In April we discovered that we are expecting after only 3 months of trying to conceive!  I am currently 8 weeks pregnant.  Thank you for all of your work.”


“Dr. Russell, my husband had his reversal with you in August.  His procedure went according to what was explained to us and his recovery also.  He followed all of his after-procedure instructions from you.  Everything was handled professionally from start to finish.  The best part of all is that we conceived on our first “try”, which was roughly September 1st!  We are expecting our little girl in May!  Her 2 big brothers are so excited to meet her.  When thinking the impossible couldn’t happen, we took a leap of faith and are glad we chose to work with you.”


"Dr. Russell, A year ago today my husband had his reversal.  We celebrate this day and our journey that led to God blessing us with our third child.  Our healthy baby boy was born in June. He is such a happy 3 1/2 month old and everyone in our family could not imagine life without him!  Thank you for walking us through our questions and concerns as we came to the decision of a reversal.  Your expertise, prompt response time, and kind demeanor were very much appreciated throughout the entire process.  We were so blessed to have gotten pregnant the same month as surgery and truly thank you for providing us the opportunity to expand our family!" 


"Dr. Russell, We are so thrilled to be parents again!  Thank you for making it possible!"" 


"Doctor Russell, You performed a vasectomy reversal for me [n January.  I am writing to let you know that our baby is due this November, so don't wait around for my fertility test results!  After backtracking from the ultrasound results, that works out to my wife getting pregnant one week after my two week recovery period. I was confident in your abilities but this is just unbelievable.  My wife and I just want to express our deepest gratitude for giving us this chance and fixing my mistake of getting a vasectomy five years ago.  Thank you so much!"  


"Dr. Russell, Just wanted to let you know that my wife is pregnant- we estimate 3-4 weeks (so about two months after the procedure).  We will be sure to forward you pictures.  As a side note, I won’t mind cutting back on the handful of vitamins!”


"Dr. Russell, last summer I was a patient of yours.  My fiancé and I found out in February that we are now expecting.  We are extremely happy and wanted to take a minute to thank you.  It is going to be a great year for us, with getting married next month and having a baby in September.  So…do you also do deliveries?  Lol, just kidding.  But thank you again!”


"Dr. Russell, We have great news.  Our daughter came into this world this past July.  We can't thank you enough. We are blessed and couldn't have done it without your steady hands.  You are awesome!!!"  


"Dr. Russell, I just wanted to give you the good news.  My wife is pregnant- she is 20 weeks along.  We just told our family so I was waiting to tell you.  The reversal surgery was in August, her last period was October.  It worked really quickly!  Thanks so much for your help with this process.  We are forever grateful.”


"Dr. Russell, I wanted to express my sincerest gratitude and appreciation for the absolute best experience I have ever had with a medical facility.  From the pre-op calls/guidance, the day of, and post-op calls, every single detail was professional and personal at the same time.  I will definitely promote the experience to anyone needing the services of your facility.  ‘Thank you’ doesn’t say enough!”


"Dr. Russell, in December you completed by vasectomy reversal.  This was for a vasectomy I had 11 years ago.  So this year was becoming very discouraging as my wife and I were thinking it was not going to happen for us- that maybe, just maybe the 11 year-old vasectomy really decreased our chances of getting pregnant.  Each month passed with my wife having her monthly cycle and us sharing tears thinking we were not going to be able to have another baby.  Well, I am here to tell you today that she took a pregnancy test this morning, and FINALLY…after 1 year…she is pregnant!  I know we are not supposed to tell anyone until the first trimester is over, but we couldn’t wait and had to let you know.  Thank you so much.  This is a testimony to all those who think that 11 years is too long.  It’s not.  Thank you so much- we couldn’t be having this happen for us if it wasn’t for the success of your surgical skills.”


"Dr. Russell, We had our baby today. you performed my vasectomy reversal in July. Our daughter is the product of a natural impregnation.  It was 19 years from my vasectomy to the reversal. My wife and I thank you."  


"Dr. Russell was wonderful is answering the questions we had before we scheduled the procedure.  Wonderful bedside manner and what he did worked!  We have recommended him to others.  Thank you SOOOOO much!”


"Dear Dr. Russell, The reversal you did in October worked!  In September we conceived.  Even though it was almost a year later we only actively tried for 3 months!  Thanks for helping with Step 1 in [our son's] journey."  


"Dr. Russell, I realize that the results are still a few weeks out but I just wanted to extend my sincere thanks to you and everyone at the surgery center.  All of you were extremely cordial and did a fantastic job of both communicating and keeping me relaxed and comfortable.  I also realize that it's only day two, but so far my post-procedure comfort level is much higher than I anticipated.  I can only assume this has to do with your performance during the operation.  Overall, this is about as positive an experience as I can imagine for outpatient surgery.  Thank you so much."  


“Hi Dr. Russell, we wanted to tell you that we are pregnant!  It’s very early- just about 5 weeks.  But we wanted to let you know it appears we are one of the ones to get pregnant early!  Based on our calculations, this means conception happened around December 14th, which means we got pregnant about 2-3 weeks after surgery.  Thank you so much for helping this to happen- we are so grateful!”


"Dr. Russell, Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to meet our new son!  He is a blessing from God!  We will be forever grateful to you as well!!"


“Dr. Russell was fantastic.  The procedure was well-explained ahead of time.  The wonderful work resulted in a successful pregnancy 8 months after my reversal, and the birth of a bouncing baby boy in January.  Thank you for everything.” 


"Dr. Russell, My husband and I have great news for you- we are 5 weeks pregnant and we go to the doctor April 8th to see the baby for the first time.  Thank you so much for making our dream come true.  You are an amazing doctor.”


“Dear Dr. Russell, My husband and I are pleased to inform you that less than two short months following his successful vasectomy reversal procedure…we are pregnant!  We are so grateful for your knowledge, your skills, and your dedication to each patient!  Words truly cannot express you thankful we are.  Thank you Dr. Russell!”


“Hi Dr. Russell, Just wanted to say thanks for all your help and success!  We are expecting our first little baby in December!  We couldn’t be more excited!!”


 “Dr Russell, from the initial consultation to the procedure and recovery, I was genuinely impressed with the professionalism and efficiency of the entire process.  You took the time to answer all of my questions and keep we well informed.  We are very excited to welcome the new addition to our family this coming June.  Thank you very much for all of your help, and would gladly recommend your practice to others in the future.”


“It was a success!!!  My husband and I welcomed our new addition in January.  Add another to the successful procedures count!!!”


“Dr. Russell, We were in for a reversal the end of May and I just thought you’d like to know that we got a positive pregnancy test Thursday!  Only 6 months from our surgery!  We couldn’t be happier.  Thank you!”


“Dr. Russell, The care I received was better than ever expected.  Even with traveling back to Pennsylvania after the procedure, I was not uncomfortable at all.  Your office staff and all other associates were a pleasure to deal with.  We are currently expecting in June, and this could not have been possible without your help.  Thank you for giving us this wonderful gift.”


“Dr. Russell, I just wanted to let you know that my reversal surgery was a succsess.  My fiancé is 7 ½ weeks pregnant now.  Thank you so much for your services.”


“Hi Dr. Russell…you did my husband’s vasectomy reversal in January and I just thought I would let you know that almost a year to the day he had his procedure, I gave birth to our baby boy!  We were so pleased with the whole situation and just can’t thank you enough for all you have done!  After waiting 4 months after his surgery before trying to get pregnant, it only took us 2 months to get pregnant!  We were beyond excited and very shocked that it happened so fast!!  The whole pregnancy went so well and now our son is 2 months old.  Thank you for helping us to have our miracle baby!”


“Hi Dr. Russell, Our little girl is almost 4 months old.  She was born in May, this was 1 year and 12 days after the reversal you performed on my husband.  We couldn’t be happier.  Thank you so much!”


“Dear Dr. Russell, We are very thankful for your expert work during the surgery, and also for your and your staff’s and the surgery center staff’s help throughout the process.  Everyone was so nice to us and so helpful.  We just wanted to follow up with you about our happy beginning. I am attaching a couple of pictures of our beautiful baby girlThank you again!”


“Dr. Russell, You did a vasectomy reversal on my husband in March of this year.  He had previously had a cyst removed when he was a teenager and you were able to work around the scar tissue and reconnect both of his tubes.  I had an ultrasound this morning and we are happy to announce we are due at the end of June.  I want to thank you for making this possible for us.  Again, thank you for everything!”


 “Dr. Russell, In April you performed a vasectomy reversal on me at your Dayton surgery center.  You told me that I should wait at least 2 weeks before having intercourse, and that it may take up to 6 months for me to produce a sperm count strong enough to conceive.  As I was planning around my work schedule to go get my sperm checked, my wife surprised me in the kitchen with the news that she was pregnant!  Both of us were surprised of this development because we had not planned on this happening so quickly.  Thanks to you we have a baby boy due in February.  I admit that I was skeptical at first about researching a doctor via the internet and then driving to Dayton without formally meeting you until the day of surgery.  The reviews that I read were all positive which made me more skeptical, because I had seen on 60 Minutes about company’s getting paid to issue positive online reviews.  So since you helped me out by reversing a mistake I made 10 years ago, I’m gonna help you out by writing a review that may appeal to the skeptics out there by saying that Dr. Russell comes as advertised. Thank you.”


“Dr. Russell, Everything seemed better the second time.  I had a better experience with the surgical center staff and my recovery was far more comfortable than with my first reversal [by another surgeon]. My wife is now 21 weeks pregnant.  I have nothing but good things to say- your care before, during, and after surgery were top-notch.”


“Dr. Russell, My husand had his reversal with you in May at the Dayton surgery center.  Our son was born in July weighing 6lbs 9oz and 19 ½ inches long.  After a brief stay in the NICU due to sugar issues he is perfectly healthy and doing great.  We cannot thank you enough for helping make our dream a reality. We are forever grateful to you!  Thank you and God Bless.”


“Dr. Russell, My husband and I wanted to send you an email to say thank you for everything you did for us.  I know that it was God’s Divine intervention to bring us to you in our journey to fertility.  We just wanted to give you an update on our new little blessing to the family.  Our son is a wonderful little baby boy and we couldn’t be more tickled to finally be parents.  It has been a long journey getting here and we pray that God blesses you for the hand that you played in getting our son here.  It was a long shot with Jeremy’s condition but you remained hopeful throughout the entire process and that helped us more than anyone we had contacted for help throughout the entire process.  You are a great doctor and God has truly blessed you to be able to do what you do.  Thank you so much to you and all of your staff.”


“Dr. Russell, My wife and I wanted to thank you and your staff again for your professionalism and care in helping us get our ‘miracle’ baby here!  God Bless you all, and thanks again!”


“Dr. Russell, We want to thank all your staff for being so wonderful.  We were treated wonderfully from start to finish. My husband’s surgery was in September. Thank you again for helping us to be able to conceive our son.”


“Dr Russell, I want to thank you for reversing my vasectomy.  My wife is 2 weeks pregnant so I won’t need to have a sperm analysis.  She just found out last week, which was 6 months after my procedure.  Thanks so very much.”


 “Hi Dr. Russell, I know my husband sent you an email after our daughter was born thanking you for us.  But I just wanted to thank you again.  What a wonderful path you have chosen for your life…providing families with so much love!  I will never be able to thank you enough for making it possible for me to be a mommy.”


“Dr Russell, Hello!  Just wanted to give you a quick update on my husband’s vasectomy reversal.  It was definitely a success, as our daughter was born in June, just one year and 2 weeks from the day of his surgery.  We couldn’t be happier and wanted to say thank you for making her a possibility for our family!”


“Dr Russell, Good afternoon, I hope your day is going well.  My wife and I just wanted to reach out to you and let you know the good news.  Over the past several weeks my wife has had some crazy symptoms and we decided to take a pregnancy test last night and got a positive.  We took another one this morning and got another positive.  Obviously we are shocked and it still feels like a dream.  Words can’t describe how thankful we are.  It has been a long journey and you have made all of this possible.  From day one, you have been so helpful with any questions we had and always followed up with us and we appreciate that.  We are extremely grateful and will keep you posted as we have made an appointment next week for more testing.  Thanks again.”


"Dr. Russell, My wife and I have some GREAT NEWS!  We are expecting, so the vas-reversal surgery has officially worked.  My wife is currently 13 weeks and counting.  We just wanted to send you and email personally thanking you for helping make our DREAM a reality.  We are very excited and starting to plan everything for the baby before they officially arrive in September.  Thanks again."


"Hi Dr. Russell, I just thought that I'd give you and update and let you know that our baby girl is due 12 days after the one year anniversary of my husband's vasectomy reversal!  She is scheduled to be delivered May 16th.  Thank you again!"


"Dr. Russell, my husband had a reversal done by you in March.  We just wanted to share with you that we are pregnant and due August 3rd!  We are so excited and ‘thank you’ just doesn't seem like enough to say to you!  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping make our dreams a reality!!"


 “Dr. Russell, We are now 21 weeks pregnancy with TWINS!  We have two little boys on the way, due to arrive this summer.  We are incredibly grateful that we were referred to you and for your expertise that helped us achieve our long-awaited dream of having a family when we were starting to feel that all hope was lost.  You are truly passionate about what you do and it shows!  Thank you for all that you do to help couples like us who feel that they may never have biological children of their own to achieve their dreams of having a family.”


“Dr. Russell, I have good news for your statistics...we won’t be needing a semen analysis.  I found out yesterday that I’m pregnant! Thank you!  Thank you!  I am very early as I’m only about 5 days past my period due date – but very excited.  It’s too early to tell people but thought I’d share the news with you! Thanks again!”


 "Hi Dr. Russell, Please see the attached pictures of our baby girl.  We were tickled to death how fast she was conceived.  My husband's surgery was on November 7th, and she was born the following November 11th.  Thank you for your help!"


 "Dr. Russell, thank you so very much in helping us achieve our dream of having a family, and for helping us expand our family.  We have 2 healthy beautiful girls because of your help.  Thank you again."


  “Dr Russell,  In early April you reversed my vasectomy. Good news!!! My wife is 7 weeks pregnant. She has her first doctor's appointment on July 16th. I wanted to thank you for your help.”


 “Dr. Russell,  In February you performed a reversal on me, and 5 months later, she tested positive for being prego!!  What a Blessing and when you told me it all looked good, I doubted as the doctor who performed the big V told me, it could not reversed- you tend to believe the negative... but you reassured me and sure enough, it worked... Thank you so very much.  I am very, very grateful for you and your skills.”


 “Hi Dr. Russell,  we wanted to let you know that the vasectomy reversal you did in December was successful.  I am 6 weeks pregnant, due on Valentine's Day!  Thanks so much!”


"Dr. Russell and staff, thank you (again) so much for helping us achieve our dream to have a family.  You are all such caring individuals that have helped us through our trials and tribulations of infertility.  We are happy to announce we are expecting the arrival or our 2nd baby on August 29th.  Thank you so much!"


 "Dr. Russell, Myself, along with my Girlfriend, wish to extend the warmest thank you to yourself, your office staff, and the hospital staff in regards to my reversal last week. We were very impressed with the care and professionalism we were treated with, during what was a difficult and nervous time for me being so far from home. We cannot thank you enough. The surgery center even called me Thursday to not only see how I was doing, but also said that the nurse who took care of me forgot to send me home with extra gauze pads. On her day off (Thursday) she called the center to inform them of this and they, in turn, told me to stop in to get some before we left. Also, someone from your office called me Thursday to check on me too! Throughout this whole process you have been great.  From your timely responses to my emails to the time you spent with us the day of surgery surely put as at ease about the whole process.  Even the hotel and their staff were great.  Everything just went perfect Doc and we owe it to you.  Please pass on my thanks to all involved as you all are very deserving.  Thank you again!!"


"Dr Russell, thank you for our vasectomy reversal baby!  You never abandoned us after the vasectomy reversal in September, and we conceived naturally in February.  You are the reason for our miracle.  Thank you for your patience and time- we are forever greatful!"


“Dr. Russell, here is a picture of our little one- 11 weeks old and everything is looking great and healthy! Thank you so much for everything.  You have made all of this possible.  Thank you for being the best Dr. and nurses I have ever had the pleasure of visiting with!”


 “Dr. Russell, I just wanted to check in with you and let you know that my husband will not be coming in for his first post-reversal semen check up… because I am 8 weeks pregnant!  I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for us.”


“Dr. Russell, Not sure if my nurse had the opportunity to email you, but you are at the top of my list to share the good news.  You had performed an extraction on my husband approximately one to two years ago.  Per strong recommendations from medical professionals due to my age and the number of years since his vasectomy (17 years), I went through the IVF process without success.  As a last resort, we consulted with you again and decided to try the reversal in September, which was successful.  Following the healing periods, we concentrated on timed intercourse beginning in January, and I am now pregnant.  The baby is healthy, so far, and I am nearing 5 months.  I turned 42 in August and all seems to be going well without complication.  You came highly recommended and I can’t say ‘thank you’ enough!  If it wasn’t for you and your level of expertise, this would never be a reality for me.  This means so much to me and words cannot express my level of gratitude.  The warmest thank-you goes out to you for all that you have done to assist us in a successful pregnancy”.


"Dr. Russell, I wanted to let you know that the reversal completed on my husband in August has resulted in a positive pregnancy blood test on December 5th.  At this point we plan to stop the medication and are skipping the sperm analysis test!  Thank you so much for helping us start a family."


"Dr. Russell, thank you for everything!  Your care and treatment changed our lives forever- we have twins on the way!"


"Dr. Russell, My wife and I thought you might like to see a few photos of our new little girl born in January, 6lb. 8.1oz, 19 1/4.  Thank you so much for your help.  We'll be forever grateful!"


“Dr. Russell, Thank you for helping us along this difficult journey.  Our baby girl is truly a blessing.”


"Dear Dr. Russell, we would like to take this opportunity to share the last year and a half with you.  We came to you with hopes of starting our own family.  My husband has two children from a previous marriage and I have three.  We wanted a child together, but were worried a vasectomy reversal would not work.  It did!  In August you performed my husband's reversal and nine months later we became pregnant.  We wanted to to thank you over and over again for your help in letting us start our own family!  You answered our prayers and we are forever grateful."